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about KEF

THE KASIMU EDUCATION FUND (KEF) is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to promote educational opportunities for the children of Kasimu Elementry School in Malawi, Africa.

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The primary goal of KEF is to improve educational opportunities for the children in the Manyesa area. The second goal is to reduce poverty through micro-loans to improve the economic stability of the Manyesa area. KEF has accomplished the following:

  • Initiated and funds a preschool for 200 children.
  • Provides scholarships to secondary school: 47 students have graduated and 97 are  currently attending secondary schools.
  • KEF scholarships for ten secondary school graduates to received education degrees and have returned to teach at Kasimu School.  This has reduced the student/teacher ratio to meet the standard of 50/1. In 2005 there were 256 students in the first grade and one teacher.
  • KEF scholarships for one four year nursing degree, two police officers, two auto mechanics and one electrician.  
  • Funded the construction of the first of four secondary school buildings.
  • Started a preschool at the Kasimu School.  
  • Funds a daily meal for 1,200 students and a special high energy meal for 200 preschool students.
  • Funded construction of two elementary school buildings so that all 1,200 students  receive education in classrooms.